• Brian Finnel
    • High School

      Forestville/Southern Door

    • College:

      32:10 10k, 15:06

    • Occupation:

      Teacher and Coach

    • Mile PR

      4:39/ Current...4:26?

    • Personal Best

      Marathon- 2:22:19; Half- 1:08:12; 5k- 14:47, 8k- 24:24; 4 mile- 19:16

      If I had to do all of my runs with just one other person every day for the rest of my life, that person would be: I honestly am not sure. John Dewitt always make things interesting! Haha. I do love chatting with Matt Barrett as well....does it have to be one? :)

      Celebrity I would most like to be in a bromance/be gal pals with: Hmm, you know, Chris Evans would be cool to meet.

      The least runner thing about me is: I eat way too many desserts

      Superstition: Oh with kids, there's no consistency or superstitions at this point.

      My first time from the gym class mile that I remember is: 3rd Grade 7:05

      Favorite Running Memory: Toss-up....1) Winning an indoor 5k, which was first and only win in college, after my dad passed away in 2009. 2) Winning the Madison Marathon 4 weeks after dropping out of the Chicago Marathon in a PR at the time of 2:22:48, with my daughter being born 10 days before.

      If I weren't a runner, I would probably be...: A much better gardener or cook

      Goals for the next year: ^ if it's coaching it's XC, if I am running, it's the track. This upcoming year I just would like to race to be honest...just something meaningful. It's been tough to train with two little kids and work, alongside coaching. I would love to attempt a marathon but we will see what happens.

    • Track or XC?


    • Roads or Trails?

    • Tempos or Track Workouts?


    • Coffee or Tea?


    • Beer or Wine?


    • Fall or Spring


    • Favorite Shoe:

      New Balance 1080's Fresh Foam

    • Favorite Postrun Food/Beverage:

      Some of sort dessert, like two cookies in milk.

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