• Josh Slamka
    • High School

      Racine Horlick

    • College:


    • Occupation:

      English Teacher

    • Mile PR


    • Personal Best

      400: 47.50, 400h: 51.83, 600: 1:18.89(i), 800: 1:50.33(i), mile: 4:21.79

      If I had to do all of my runs with just one other person every day for the rest of my life, that person would be: Oof, that's a lot of running together. I'd much rather just be alone.

      Celebrity I would most like to be in a bromance/be gal pals with: I'll stick with my real friends.

      The least runner thing about me is: I'm proud of my bench press PR.

      Superstition: That the food I eat pre-race has some sort of magical powers to help me run faster.

      My first time from the gym class mile that I remember is: I remember running the mile in 5th grade at Wind Point Elementary, but I'm pretty sure I walked some of it. It definitely wasn't fast.

      Favorite Running Memory: Too many to pick just one. Running with my children, cheering my wife at Olympic Trials, winning my first high hurdle race in high school, college meet trips in the team vans, etc. So many different moments come to mind.

      If I weren't a runner, I would probably be...: A rock climber

      Goals for the next year: PR in the mile, world masters #1 in the 800.

    • Track or XC?


    • Roads or Trails?

    • Tempos or Track Workouts?

      Track Workouts

    • Coffee or Tea?


    • Beer or Wine?


    • Fall or Spring


    • Favorite Shoe:

      Currently the NB Beacon

    • Favorite Postrun Food/Beverage:

      Milk and cookies

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