• Thomas Breitbach
    • High School

      Muskego, WI/ Muskego HS

    • College:

      UW-Eau Claire

    • Occupation:

      Coach/Running Store Manager/Grad Student

    • Mile PR


    • Personal Best

      14:09 (5k), 29:49 (10k), 67:22 (half), 2:27:34 (marathon)

      If I had to do all of my runs with just one other person every day for the rest of my life, that person would be: Spencer Agnew

      Celebrity I would most like to be in a bromance/be gal pals with: Jason Sudeikis

      The least runner thing about me is: I don’t own a GPS watch

      Superstition: For a period of time, I brought my own bottle of spray butter with me to restaurants for pre-race meals.

      My first time from the gym class mile that I remember is: 6:10 in 8th grade

      Favorite Running Memory: NCAA XC Regionals my junior year. We were ranked 8th coming in and beat 4 nationally ranked teams to be UWEC’s first team to qualify for Nationals in 10 years. So many guys ran above their fitness for something bigger than themselves. We wound up beating the first non-qualifying team by 4 points.

      If I weren't a runner, I would probably be...: Diabetic, and/or trying way too hard in rec basketball and ultimate frisbee leagues.

      Goals for the next year: Get back to the marathon; meditate every day; accurately predict winning times at The (Spring) Series races.

    • Track or XC?


    • Roads or Trails?

    • Tempos or Track Workouts?


    • Coffee or Tea?


    • Beer or Wine?


    • Fall or Spring


    • Favorite Shoe:

      New Balance 754

    • Favorite Postrun Food/Beverage:

      Greenbush Donuts

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