• Matt Barrett
    • High School

      Monroe/Monroe HS

    • College:

      University of Minnesota

    • Occupation:

      Data Analytics Manager

    • Mile PR


    • Personal Best

      5K - 14:17; 10K - 29:35; 10 Mile - 49:30; Half Marathon - 1:05:18; Marathon - 2:19:49

      If I had to do all of my runs with just one other person every day for the rest of my life, that person would be: My wife, Jess

      Celebrity I would most like to be in a bromance/be gal pals with: Giannis Antetokounmpo

      The least runner thing about me is: I have no problem just lounging on the couch, or in a chair in my backyard in non-winter months

      Superstition: I tie my shoes the same way before each workout or race.

      My first time from the gym class mile that I remember is: 6th Grade. I remember running 6:59.

      Favorite Running Memory: So many to choose from. I'd say when I ran my half marathon PR. Wasn't expecting the day to go that well, and the race just flowed well from start to finish.

      If I weren't a runner, I would probably be...: It's hard to think of my life without running. I'd say a weekend golfer.

      Goals for the next year: Keep enjoying every day on my feet, continue to get stronger, build volume, work on my weaknesses with an eye toward taking another shot at the Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon when the window opens , and enjoy every race opportunity that comes in 2021 :)

    • Track or XC?

      Cross Country

    • Roads or Trails?

    • Tempos or Track Workouts?


    • Coffee or Tea?


    • Beer or Wine?

      None of the above

    • Fall or Spring


    • Favorite Shoe:


    • Favorite Postrun Food/Beverage:

      Pancakes, OJ, and Coffee

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